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At GradusOne, we believe in bringing people together to work towards a common goal.

We are looking for people who are as passionate about our mission as we are! We’re lucky to be joined by an amazing network of organizations, partners, educators, mentors and a great team of volunteers that support and believe in our cause!

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Industry Partner

We’re lucky to be joined by organizations that support and believe in our cause and take the time to build strong meaningful relationship with companies.

Industry partners provide us with resources, connections and funding so we can continue to help individuals discover their careers and enter the workforce. In return, we offer unique opportunities around our events and activities to amplify your message. We are flexible in all our partnership options and can customize a plan to suit your goals and needs.

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Educational Partner

We’ve worked with various institutions to customize our events and provide career development and leadership opportunities for your students.

Whether it’s a workshop or a speaker series in a particular industry, we love collaborating and providing value to secondary and post-secondary schools! We provide discounts to our current events and programs, offer access to personalized sessions and offer students with engaging skill-building experiences.

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Youth Partner

Want to co-host an event with GradusOne or have us come speak at your event? We’ve worked with several youth and student organizations to host customized sessions.

We love collaborating with student groups and empowering youth to become more self-aware and confident as they take the first steps in their careers. Through our network of industry experts and diverse content, we can help you find speakers, co-host events or offer access to meaningful skill-building experiences for students.

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We love hearing unique stories from our network of professionals and have opportunities for you to become a thought leader in your industry!

Mentoring is more than the transfer of advice, knowledge and insights. Mentoring develops a pipeline of future leaders who understand the skills and attitudes required to succeed within your industry. Are you interested in becoming a guest speaker, meeting with a student for an informational interview, showing the ins-and-outs at your company?

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Volunteer with GradusOne!

We are looking for people who are as passionate about GradusOne’s mission as we are!

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Interested in helping people like you discover their options and focus their careers?

These volunteer positions offer an exciting opportunity for anyone who wants to pursue a career in the non-profit sector, values student and community engagement, and believes in learning by doing. There are added perks to volunteer with us! You will have the opportunity to receive career guidance from the GradusOne team and be exposed to a wide network of dynamic professionals.

Additional Volunteer Perks

We offer several volunteer opportunities to fit your talents, interests and your schedule. Volunteers will receive free attendance to GradusOne events (plus discounted tickets for your friends!).

General Volunteer

Want to volunteer with GradusOne? We encourage you to submit a general application. Share your story and tell us what you would like to get involved with.

Application Process: Complete the application form and submit any attachments.
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We offer programs designed to inspire our future generation to take the first steps in their career.

Step Up Summer Program

For post-secondary students and recent graduates

This 8-week program is designed for post-secondary students and recent graduates and will help you focus on your personal and professional growth. You’ll walk away with a clear sense of identity, a well thought-out career plan, and the soft skills necessary to help you succeed and thrive in the workforce!

What’s included?

  • Access to 20+ hours of instruction with activities, challenges, teamwork, discussion
  • Expanded network of top industry leaders from various fields and organizations
  • One-on-one guidance and career support
  • …and more!

Application Period has closed.

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Program Overview

Summer Bootcamp

For Highschool Students

Our high school bootcamp is designed to help students receive the necessary inspiration and motivation to discover their next steps and transition after high school. Through speaker series, hands-on workshops, teamwork and discussion, students will have the opportunity to explore various career opportunities, connect with mentors and take actionable steps towards their career goals.

Program Details Coming Soon.

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We want to hear from you! Book a complimentary 30 minute visit with our GradusOne Program Director, Manisha Narula! Let’s ensure your career and professional goals are nothing short of exceptional!

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